One thing is for sure, we wouldn't have found
ourselves in Nicaragua's Jalapa Valley.

Serie R® has always stood for rich, bold taste. But the spirit of discovery is laced throughout Team La Gloria Cubana® and it compels us to journey beyond our past successes and into untapped fields and obscure aging barns where great new flavors await. And on a mountainside high above the Jalapa Valley floor, that’s where our journey for a new Serie R® began when we found rare Jalapa leaf that practically begged us to create great things.

Yet the creation of great things often unfolds differently than planned. And that’s exactly what happened when not one, but two great blends bested the rest in the race to become the next Serie R®.

By design, both were super flavorful Nicaraguan puros blended from a host of Nicaraguan tobaccos from farms throughout the northwest, including those from the Jalapa Valley and in particular that from the Jalapa mountainside. And while their quality separated them from other blends, it was their distinctiveness from one another that made the decision difficult.

And ultimately drove us to launch both.

Team La Gloria Cubana® is proud to introduce La Gloria Cubana® Serie R® Black and La Gloria Cubana® Serie R® Estelí.

Now it’s your turn to join us on our journey of discovery.

La Gloria Cubana® Serie R® Estelí

Available only at fine tobacconist stores, Serie R® Estelí was the second blend to surface during the blending process. Beefed by a top priming Jalapa Sol wrapper and rounded out by a combination of visos and ligeros, Serie R® Estelí sings her Nicaraguan song at the top of her lungs.

Given that all of its tobaccos are grown in Nicaragua, it was decided to hand roll Serie R® Estelí in the town that bears its name, Estelí, Nicaragua.

Presented in an 18-count box, Serie R® Estelí comes in three sizes:

No. Fifty-Four (6 x 54, SRP $6.49)
No. Sixty (6 x 60, SRP $6.99)
No. Sixty-Four (6 ¼ x 64, SRP $7.49)



La Gloria Cubana® Serie R® Black

La Gloria Cubana® has always stood for rich, bold taste. The same is true for Nicaraguan tobacco. Now, they’re together in one cigar. With a very robust Jalapa Tapado Ligero wrapper, this Nicaraguan puro is an experience worthy of your discovery.

Serie R® Black is handmade in Estelí, Nicaragua where our rollers skillfully apply the thick, high priming wrapper across three very large sizes.

Serie R® Black comes in an 18-count cabinet style box and is available in three sizes:

No. Sixty (6 x 60, SRP $6.99)
No. Fifty-Eight (6 7/8 x 58, SRP $7.25)
No. Sixty-Four (6 ¼ x 64, SRP $7.49)

Serie R® Black is only offered at select internet and catalog retailers, so find yours now.


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