Serie N

The History

A sister brand to the critically-acclaimed La Gloria Cubana Serie R collection, La Gloria Cubana Serie N debuts in a lofty position. La Gloria Cubana Serie N is the brainchild of Yuri Guillen (General Cigar Dominicana’s production manager of manufacturing) who developed this new collection in concert with Michael Giannini and Rick Rodriguez, collectively known as Team La Gloria Cubana.

The Cigar

Through artisanal blending and by employing specific frontmarks to maximize the unique flavor, this stimulating, full-bodied offering is punctuated by spicy notes and balanced to reveal a refined smoke. La Gloria Cubana Serie N is sure to capture the attention of tenured smokers, for its fire-engine red, hexagonal wooden box, replete with a gold Serie N logo, opens to reveal an eye-catching angular configuration of 24 of the handcrafted cigars.

The Experience

This new, four-cigar collection delivers in spades by marrying proprietary Nicaraguan tobacco with the brand’s signature Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper.

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Size Chart

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Capa Oscura


Nicaraguan Proprietary


Nicaraguan Proprietary


Dominican Republic


El Credito Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic

4 Responses

  1. When I want a LGC with some kick, this is it! Lush, rich, full, delicious flavors.

  2. Ed. Rodriguez says:

    The Serie N Glorioso has become my “I’m home and it’s the end of the day” smoke. This cigar makes me feel like a king. Along with the full bodied taste that I love and the large, double Corona size, my girlfriend can’t resist the aroma of this cigar as it burns! This smoke reminds me of the cigars that my father and uncles enjoyed in Puerto Rico as I was growing up… Dominoes, a tropical breeze and a glass of rum on the side…

  3. Brian Nerlman says:

    Serie N Gloriso is my favorite cigar. Just right for 18 holes of golf or an evening cigar.

  4. Brian Bennett says:

    I’ve been smoking premium hand rolled cigars for several decades, and been a fan of the Serie R for some time as well, so I was really looking forward to trying to this cigar. Bottom line: it’s a great cigar.

    As I always do, I did a search for online reviews that I read while I smoke. I do that mainly to add to my enjoyment and to ensure that I’m not missing anything subtle described by others. I wasn’t really all that thrilled with some of the reviews I read about this particular cigar, though, simply because I had the impression that the reviewers simply could not have been smoking the same stick as me. This cigar was simply perfect in construction, burn, ashing and most importantly of all, flavor and overall enjoyment.

    The cigar is packed tight, burned perfectly even, and held an ash longer than I am usually comfortable with (I tend to not like risking dropping ashes on my laptop). It’s so tight that three taps on a one inch ash would not dislodge it.

    But the flavor profile is where this cigar really shines. I love a rich complex smoke, and was immediately impressed with the pre-light draw: the first word that popped into my head was dark chocolate. I was thus a bit surprised by the first inch or so of smoking which was a lot more mellow and subdued than I expected. But that’s one of the beauties of this blend. As I progressed, the true rich character of the cigar slowly revealed itself, introducing subtle sweetness as it started into the second third with a delicious cherry overtone. The light sweetness lingered on my lips for the remainder of the smoke, and was augmented by deepening richness for the duration of the smoke.

    I smoked it all the way down to the last inch and only put it down to avoid burning my fingers or mustache. It never got too hot, and the gentle spiciness of the last third was a perfect icing for the overall experience.

    La Gloria’s have always been one of my regular smokes, and this one is a great addition to the line which I know I’ll be buying for as long as they make them.

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